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The Cruz Show On-Demand 9/21 - Who did you Date that you hide from you Family.

EP: 551 - Bakar Interview

Bakar cam through the Cruz Show to talk about his new album Halo. He also talked about learning to say sorry, being a better communicator, Why L.A. is special to him & more. He also learns to speak some Spanish and talks about his love for Summer Walker.

The Cruz Show On-Demand- 9/20 -Garcia Has an Issue at Home

Today on the Cruz Show Jackie filled in for Lechero during the Chisme she talked abotu Drake gifting a BBL doctor a set of OVO scrubs + How much weed does Snoop smoke? And Why Chris Evans is kinda over acting + Jeff G had your sports report and WTF Jeff. And during the QOTD Garcia told us about his wife's snoring problem. She offered to sleep on the couch but he's not sure if that's the right thing to do.

The Cruz Show On-Demand 9/19 - High School Sweetheart Cheater

Today on the Cruz Show Jackie filled in for Lechero on the Chisme & she talked about Drake giving a fan $10k & a first class flight to the ATL + Rihanna & Rocky showed off their new baby. Jackie also awarded a bunch of entitled kids in the IE "Jackie's Jackass"- Jeff G played your calls from the Cruz Show Hotline & talked about Ohtani & the Dodgers in Sports & during the Cruz Show QOTD we got a voicemail from a man that just learned that his high school sweetheart & the woman he's about to marry cheated on him....what did you have to say?? find out!

EP: 550- Jay Rock Interview Uncensored

Jay Rock came through the Cruz Show to talk about his new music & gave us a couple gems from his new album + he talked about SZA and her growth & whether or not that resurfaced Kendrick verse was real or not. Check in for the great interview. Make sure to subscribe!

EP:549- Does Lechero have a Mystery Baby ?

On this Episode of the Cruz Show Podcast we let Lechero set teh record straight about his mystery baby + Jackie talks about her Mexipino Food Fest & we give you some behind the scenes of our interviews with Jay Rock, EZ Mil & more.

The Cruz Show On-Demand 9/13- Should Door Dash Deliver to High Schools?

Today on the Cruz Show Lechero recapped the VMA's + we played your hotline calls & we asked you about the trending topic "Should Door Dash deliver to high schools?"

The Cruz Show On-Demand 9/12 - What's Your Nervous Tick?

Today on the Cruz Show- Lechero had your chisme aka gossip, Jeff G talked about Aaron Rodgers in sports & we asked you about your nervous ticks.

The Cruz Show On-Demand 9/11- Woman wants to be a stay at home mom

Today on the Cruz Show it was a No Mames Monday - The team had some hilarious stories from the weekend. Lechero aslo had your chisme on Drake, Kendrick & more + Jeff G talked sports. During the Question of the Day we talked about a woman that wants to take it back to the old school and be a stay at home Mom.

EP: 548 - EZ Mil Interview (uncensored)

EZ Mil checked in with the Cruz Show to talk about his new single. He told us some hilarious & insightful stories about Dr Dre & Eminem. He also talked about working at Burger King, playing soccer & more! It's a great interview- Tap in!