The Cruz Show 12/2 - Do Women Try to Fix Men ?

The Cruz Show On-Demand 12/1 - A Crazy Inbox Email about a Work Wife

Today on the Cruz Show we got a crazy Cruz Show Inbox email and the room was divided. Lechero also had your chisme and Jeff G had some crazy stories in What the F Jeff.

The Cruz Show On-Demand 12/5 - Telling on Cheaters

Today on the Cruz Show it was a No Mames Monday & someone was coming for Jackie Ramirez- We also took your calls about having to tell a friend or family member that their partner was cheating. We got some wild stories. Lechero also had the chisme about Jay-Z, Fat Joe and more. Jeff G updated you on The Dodgers Free Agents & more during sports & so much more!

EP: 457 - Would Jackie Ever Hook up With Lechero ?

On this Episode of The Cruz Show Podcast - ASK US ANYTHING! You submitted your Questions and we answered them LIVE! Would Jackie hook up with Lechero, Why is Lechero staying Single, Why Cruz is a mommas boy, How was the Cruz Show created & so much more! It's a funny & interesting episode - you'll learn a lot about us for sure!

The Cruz Show On-Demand 11/30 - Work Wife Drama

Today on the Cruz Show we got an email in the Cruz Show Inbox about a woman that was suspicious about her Husband's Work Wife. We got some great opinions from the Cruz Show listener family. Lechero talked about Nas & 21 Savage, The Webster Dictionary Word of the year & Jim Carey in The Chisme. Jeff G had ur sports & WTF Jeff. We also took your hotline calls

Cruz Show On-Demand 11/19 - Cruz's Wife on The Couch

Today on The Cruz Show, J Cruz & his Wife fight about when she falls asleep on the couch....should Cruz wake her up or let her sleep. We got some great calls during the Question of the day. Lechero also had your hip hop & pop culture chisme & Jeff G had your sports. Jackie also told you who her Jackass of the Day was.

The Cruz Show On-Demand 11/28- How Much Should Cruz Tip?

Today on the Cruz Show It was a No Mames Monday- Cruz told us a story about a Uber Ride he got to work. It was the driver's first day & Cruz was debating how much he should tip him. We took it to you the Cruz Show Listener family and you had a lot to day. Lechero also talked about Diddy, Drake & more in the Chisme + Jeff G gave us a World Cup Update in Sports

EP: 456- Jackie Doesn't Wanna Be Her Man's Momma

On this Episode of the Cruz Show Podcast we reflect on our recent interviews with Roddy Ricch, Bryson Tiller, Glorilla, Saweetie & Yung Bleu. We also talk about Jackie finally committing to ONE NBA & NFL Team + Will Cruz ever have an NFL Team of his own? Jackie also let her man know why she doesn't want to be his 2nd mom + Cruz explains why he loves having 2 moms, lol!

The Cruz Show On-Demand 11/22- Jackie Doesn't want to be her man's Mom

Today on the Cruz Show Jackie let us know that she doesn't want to be her man's Mom...that got everyone talking, especially the Cruz Show Listener Family. A lot of callers agreed with her, but there were some that didn' got spicy. Lechero also talked about Latto, Nas & more in the Chisme. Jeff G gave an update on the World Cup & the Cruz Show Football Pool + during Jackie's Jackass we talked about Elon Musk & we took some of your hotline calls including one from a student doing a class project about the Cruz Show.

The Cruz Show On-Demand 11/21 - Jackie Loves Too Many Teams

Today on the Cruz Show Jackie told us she's a fan of multiple teams in the NFL & NBA. We took your calls on whether or not that's OK....and the Cruz Show listener family had a lot to say about that! Lechero had all of the Hip Hop & Pop Culture Chisme, Jeff G had sports & it was a No Mames Monday!