The Box That 'Cursed' Post Malone Will Be Opened?!

photo via getty.

That haunted box that seemed to have cursed Post Malone is about to be opened by it's new owner, Zak Bagans of the show "Ghost Adventures."

According to Bagans, weird things have been happening to him since he gained possession of the box. Things like dreams of animals being killed, calls from an unknown number telling him when people will die, and other spooky events.


This is the same box that allegedly put Post Malone's life in danger after being in the same room and touching Zak's shoulder after Zak had touched the box.

Zak says the only way he won't open the box on Halloween is if he doesn't feel the same supernatural feelings that he felt with Post Malone when they first encountered the box.

Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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