Amazon Is Selling Facial Recognition Technology To Law Enforcement.

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Law Enforcement is buying facial recognition software from Amazon?!!

Amazon is selling a different kind of product to law enforcement these days. According to the ACLU, Amazon has been selling facial recognition software called Rekognition to police departments around the US.

The software can track and analyze hundreds of people in a photo using a database with tens of millions of faces. It has been used in Orlando, Florida, and by the Washington County Sheriff's Office in Oregon.


It has been used to help find lost children at amusement parks and was used for public safety at the Royal Wedding

The ACLU worries that Amazon's database of smart homes through voice assistants and cloud cameras could be an issue, while some worry that the government could abuse software like this.

Are you a fan of facial recognition software being used by law enforcement?!

Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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