Guess Who Cardi B Did A Cover Of In High School?!

Cardi B in Big Boy's Neighborhood

Complex: It seems that everyone is a huge fan of Cardi B these days, and thanks to a video of her in high school, the Bronx rapper has bagged herself another super famous fan. A clip of Cardi enthusiastically covering Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" surfaced on Twitter over the weekend, and fans of both artists immediately started to freak-out!


Complex: Thanks to the internet, Lady Gaga has noticed and it turns out that she's a huge fan of Cardi, as well. Many of Gaga's fans were quick to point out that Cardi is still a huge fan of hers, saying that Gaga is her dream collaboration when asked about who Cardi would like to work with at the VMAs last year.


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Nina Chantele

Nina Chantele

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