G-Eazy Calls Out Sweden Officials Over White Privilege In A$AP Rocky Case


G-Eazy knows Sweden isn’t playing fair. The West Coast rapper has come forward to single out Swedish authorities for appearing to play the race card in its treatment of A$AP Rocky.

The Bay Area rapper took to his social media to speak big facts in support of A$AP.

He wrote: "Facts. This is the sad truth...The difference between me and Rocky’s treatment and process in Sweden brings to mind two concepts that disgustingly go hand in hand: white privilege and systemic racism.

Let's call it what it is.

He should not be behind bars right now. My heart goes out to my brother@asaprockyand his team. We're riding for yall. #JusticeForRocky#FreeRocky"

Do you agree with G-Eazy? Let us know below.

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