South Central Rapper Jag Drops Controversial Visual For “Kaepernick Effect”

South Central’s JAG is no stranger to attention for his lyrics and delivery. Last year he dropped his critically acclaimed debut project, Dalton Ave, giving us a snapshot of his life in 18 impressive tracks. Now, JAG’s momentum keeps building in 2018 with a string of freestyles.

On “Kapernick Effect,” JAG keeps the torch for justice burning. It reminds how terrifying encounters with police can be for Black males. In the opening JAG raps, “Why it feel like death and like I’m bout to get murked officer?’ — which is a reality too many young men have faced.

Accompanying the freestyle is a riveting short on police brutality. Showing flashes of old news clips, JAG hopes to create and keep the dialogue against racial injustices going. Delivering lyrics on his knees with a gun to his head, he speaks to controversies of being a Black male in America.

“Kapernick Effect” comes right on the heels of the death of 23 year old Stephon Clark who was shot 20 times by Sacramento police. The conversation on police brutality isn’t new, but unfortunately is still an issue. JAG’s riveting clip is a conversation starter that should never fade away. Enough is enough! 


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