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Violent Street Fight Breaks Out In Santee Alley

Gang Of Youths Fighting

Photo: Getty Images

On Sunday someone caught violent brawl on camera, it broke out among a group of people in Santee Alley over the weekend. 

The person who took the video was Karissa Nachor, she told FOX 11 she was visiting Santee Alley with a group of around two dozen people. She stated that they were all standing outside a store when she said a man came out of the store and "aggressively" told them to move. 

Then the man started pushing a cart towards her and her boyfriend, then she said that's when the man started calling her boyfriend a racial slur.

Security was called but apparently did nothing to stop it, according to Nachor. 

She said that's when the fight went down. The guy pushed her boyfriend - who by the way is on crutches - then he even tried to steal them, she said. 

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