LeBron James Pulls Off Ridiculous Dares to Raise Money for I Promise School


LeBron James was a special guest on Ellen's show yesterday and you already know she had him do some ridiculous things but of course it's all for a great cause.

Channing Tatum also joined LeBron while they both completed dares in order to raise money for LeBron's new school, the I Promise elementary school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

LeBron had to take a shot of tequila with NO HANDS, followed by Tatum doing his "sexiest" crawl on the floor. Ellen then blindfolded James and made him lick a "mysterious" item. The mysterious item by the way, was a KIWI. 

“The first thing that came to mind, I thought it was an ass, and I was like ‘Ellen wouldn’t do that to me,’ so I said kiwi,” James said, after licking the kiwi.

“Also, Channing would have to be standing on the table for you to lick his ass,” Ellen replied.

Watch both Channing and LeBron complete their dares below:



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