Lil Yachty Links Up With Donny Osmond for Chef Boyardee Song Remix


Rapper Lil Yachty has done himself big for some crazy choices by teaming with none other than 60-year-old Donny Osmond for a Chef Boyardee jingle. 

The new theme song is called, "Start the Par-Dee," and features vocals from the two with a sample of the "Thank Goodness for Chef Boyardee" song from the 80s. 

Along with the jingle is a video complete with flying cartoon tomatoes and yacht showing Donny some dance moves. 

"It's crazy that I got the chance to remix Chef Boyardee's jingle from start to finish," Yachty said. "Working with Donny was amazing, we collaborated to write the lyrics. Now we got a hit." 

This has got to be the most random duo of 2018. Right?


Check out the entire video below:



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