Kendrick Lamar Talks About Fan Rapping N-Word


Remember a little while back when Kendrick Lamar brought a girl on stage to rap with him, but when the fan, who was white, said the n-word that's in the song, he stopped everything?

Well Kendrick kept it real when he talked to Vanity Fair a little more about that moment.

"Let me put it to you in its simplest form. I’ve been on this earth for 30 years, and there’s been so many things a Caucasian person said I couldn’t do."

He continued, “Get good credit. Buy a house in an urban city. So many things—’you can’t do that’—whether it’s from afar or close up. So if I say this is my word ... please let me have that word.”

Kendrick also went on to talk about his Pulizter Prize for Music:

 "I thought, to be recognized in an academic world... whoa, this thing really can take me above and beyond. It’s one of those things that should have happened with hip-hop a long time ago. It took a long time for people to embrace us—people outside of our community, our culture—to see this not just as vocal lyrics, but to see that this is really pain, this is really hurt, this is really true stories of our lives on wax. And now, for it to get the recognition that it deserves as a true art form, that’s not only great for myself, but it makes me feel good about hip-hop in general."

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