Meek Mill Talks About #FreeMeek Campaign

It's been two weeks now since Meek Mill has been a free man following his complicated legal case. 

The case brought all kinds of people together trying to figure out what justice should be served and all Meek Mill could do was watch. 

In his latest interview, he says, "I was surprised from that. At first, I couldn't see the news. I couldn't call home. You're locked up 24 hours a day. It takes a few weeks to get processed through. Then, when I finally got to my jail, I was looking at the TV and seeing the platforms that my case was coming on like CNN, Good Morning America, everything that was HLN. I'm just like, 'This must be a serious situation. This must be a real topic right now.'"

But most of the support for his release from his fans didn't surprise him because "we ain't shoot each other or nothin' like that". He says, "The real thing that really surprised me was when you've got white billionaires and people that don't come from the walk of life I come from really investing their time into what I've got going on."

Meek Mill went on to talk about originally receiving a 2-4 year sentence and how he took it saying, "I felt like that sentence was to destroy, it wasn't to rehabilitate."

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