New iPhone Update Let's You See What Condition Your iPhone Battery Is In

A lot of people weren't to happy with Apple when the company admitted to slowing down older iPhones with weakened batteries. 

Well now, it looks like Apple is trying to make up for the disappointment. The company has released iOS 11.3, which promised to give you greater visibility on your own health and also allows you to see the condition of your battery. 

You can download the free update on your phone now by tapping Settings/General/Software Update on your device.

Some other new features include, new augmented reality capabilities, a chat function within the Messages app that will let you communicate directly with a business.

If you own an older iPhone you can now disable a feature that slows down your phone to prevent sudden shutdown.

For more info on how you can check your iPhone's battery condition and how to potentially get your phone back to it's "peak performance" click below:


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