An App For Kanye West Fans Called ‘Yeezy Dating’ Is Coming Soon

If you’re a single Kanye West fan then you might be able to find love on a new app especially designed Kanye fans to discover each other.

"Yeezy Dating" debuted with a stock image of a woman and a statement saying, "Taylor Swift fans are banned from this website."

Harry Dry, the designer of the Yeezy app told MTV News why he created the app,  “Kanye West inspired me. I think it's about celebrating the dreamers, the people who are saying it's OK to be great, and it's about bringing those people together. I think the guy is a life inspiration.”

Dry is still trying to perfect the app by talking to Kanye fans across the world and asking them how they want him to build it out, currently you can choose your favorite Kanye album and where you live.

Dry expects the finished app to be available by the end of March. 

Dry says he’s never himself dated a Kanye fan, but if he was given the chance to talk to Mr. West, he would simply say “Thank You.”

Looks like there's really a dating app for EVERYONE...



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