Joseline Hernandez Has Dropped A Cardi B Diss Track [LISTEN]

There's apparently a bit of beef between reality star/aspiring rapper Joseline Hernandez and Hip Hop's most talked about rising star Cardi B. 

Joseline actually teased a new track earlier this week, but no one really knew it was a diss track OR that it would be aimed at Bardi. An IG post of hers showed the name of the track would be "Hate Me Now."

She did, however, say that she would be "exposing hoes" in the caption. 


A snippet of the new song is finally here. 

And is does seem like she's throwing shade at Cardi B, mentioning her gang affiliations multiple times. 

“Drag a Bronx b*tch, yeah I said it—what you gonna do?/Fabricated, illustrated, cartoon/Bloody my ass…you holler Blood—who the hell cosigned this hoe?”


Joseline's on-again/off-again man Stevie J mentioned a couple months back that she may have been jealous of Cardi's meteoric rise to stardom, saying that she wouldn't let Stevie see their daughter because of Cardi's success...

Doesn't make much sense, but it kinda does. 

Read more details via Complex



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