50 Cent Reveals That He DID Leak 'Power' Episodes For Ratings

There's been a lot of leaked shows lately... 

Game of Thrones has been having issues with HBO's security, and we already know that episodes of STARZ' show Power continue to pop up on the internet. 

While 50 Cent, the show's executive producer, seemed all upset just days ago when he was blamed for leaking episodes of his own show by network executives, it looks like he really was the one behind it all along...

"POWER Ratings up another 10 percent for episode 408. 😈" he wrote on IG. "They glad I leaked the shit now. 😆LOL #SAVAGELIFENow watch what I do on BET. #50Centralbet"


Welp, looks like their search for the culprit is over. 

photo via Getty



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