YG Refused To Get Out Of His Car During Traffic Stop, Told Cops "No"

According to reports, YG refused to get out of his Mercedes-Maybach during a traffic stop in Burbank over the weekend. He was pulled over for illegal tinting, but told the cops "no" when they asked him to step out of the vehicle. 

He also didn't have any license plates.

TMZ reports, “Law enforcement sources tell us...the rapper was cruising Wednesday night in his Mercedes-Maybach in Burbank when cops noticed dark tinted windows. We’re told they asked YG for his driver’s license and registration...and that's when things went awry.”

YG apparently told the cops that he wouldn't get out of his car due to a fear of being hurt by police if he did exit his vehicle. (And who could blame him?) When additional cop cars showed up, he eventually did get out of the car.

Read more of the report via COMPLEX



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