'All Eyez On Me' Producer Reacts To Jada Pinkett-Smith's Criticism

Following Friday's (June 16th) release date of the long-awaited Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me, people were quick to notice that 'Pac's childhood friend Jada Pinkett-Smith wasn't too happy with how she was portrayed in the film. 

Played by Kat Graham, film-Jada can be seen arguing with 'Pac backstage after a show, him reading a love letter to her, and meeting up with her outside of a movie trailer when both young stars had crossed paths in Los Angeles. Jada says, however, much of it was fabricated.

According to L.T. Hutton, the film's producer, Pinkett-Smith simply missed the point of the film. 

Hutton says he's hurt and disappointed by her reaction, saying his version of Tupac Shakur's story portrayed a slightly different view of the late rapper. "He explained he and the filmmakers took a few liberties because they were trying to show who Tupac was, who he wanted to be ... and who he had to be," TMZ says.

Watch Hutton explain himself below:


Have you seen the film yet? What do you think?

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