Justin Bieber's Birthday Is Now 'National Hotel Slipper Day'

To some of us, Justin Bieber's birthday is a national holiday by itself but now there is an additional national holiday added to the same day (March 1st) that has now official according to Hotels.com and Elite Daily - National Hotel Slipper Day!

"Hotels.com is declaring Friday, March 1, when the superstar turns 25, as National Hotel Slippers Day, according to the travel company. Hotels.com really went above and beyond here, because holiday has been officially certified by the National Day Archives."

In December, the Biebs came out with his own line of hotel slippers with the House Of Drew fashion line so it only made sense to combine these two things - his birthday and his love for hotel slippers!

And that's not it If you book a hotel on March 1st, you get $25 off (25 because Bieber is turning 25 this year!)

"The promotion is valid on hotel stays of $250 or more. It's not a huge discount, but every little bit helps when you're traveling, IMO. To claim the deal,enter code "SLIPPERS"when you go to check out."

Easy as that! What a cool way to celebrate the Biebs right?!

Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez is on air radio host at KIIS FM and REAL 92.3! Read more


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