Beard Bouquets Are A Thing This Year For Valentine's Day


There has been a trend around Christmas time following No-Shave November where guys who grow out their beards decorate them with lights and ornaments. According to Bustle, guys will be decorating them this Valentine's Day with roses/flowers.

"Clip these nine beautiful blossoms into your majestic face fuzz and let them work their magic. We’ve selected super comfortable clips that won’t tug or pull, so wearing them all day is definitely an option if you decide it’s a look too good to save for your date."

You can buy them for Firebox HERE for $14.99 for 9 rose clips! Or you can make your own! 

Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez is on air radio host at KIIS FM and REAL 92.3! Read more


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