Blueface Caught On Camera Kicking His Mom and Sister Out


Rapper Blueface is known for rapping off-beat but apparently, his morals might also not follow traditional guidelines either. Over the weekend things took a turn in his home when his sister and mother alledgedly felt disrespected by the rappers girlfriends, yes, that's plural. Allegedly, they were upset because they didn't greet them when they entered the home. Blueface has been open about being in a three-way relationship with two girls. However, the rapper claims that his mom and sister have never liked the idea which is wht the fight really turned left so quickly.

His mom was on Instagram Live when the altercation took place, showing Blueface at the top of a staircase with his sister approaching him. Read the full story HERE.

Peep the video below to see Blueface's response:



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