Did Iman Shumpert Cheat on his Wife Teyana Taylor When He Was On DWTS??

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The other day a video went viral of a "former" assistant that exposed a situation they were in when they were working for a celebrity!

Here were some of the clues - Wife is a Singer, Husband is on DWTS, 2 kids, incident happened in November of 2021.

Then the stories says the wife took too many "candies" and ended up in the hospital.

Now if you remember in November Teyana ended up in the hospital for exhaustion.

Now that the video has gone viral, the user deleted the video - BUT once it's up, someone is going to grab it and put it online!

There were also rumors that the reason Teyana and Iman's reality show was cancelled was because of infidelity - however Teyana tried to clear up those rumors citing issues with production!

All I'm going to say is couples go through ups and downs and we're not in the relationship so it shouldn't matter how they decided to deal with it. We just hope that if they are going through a hard time, we wish the best of luck.

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