Tristan Thompson Is Allegedly Expecting Baby #3 - Is This Proof He Cheated?

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Tristan Thompson is allegedly expecting his third baby, this time with a personal trainer from Texas. The patnerity lawsuit is suing for child support, she is expected to give birth any day now and hooked up with Tristan during his Birthday celebration back in March.

However there has been two different stories of how long the two were hooking up. Tristan does admit to hooking up with her on his Birthday but the personal trainer says that they had been hooking up for five months leading up to his birthday. She would also travel to LA to see him and they hooked up after she got pregnant!

Basically he cheated on Khloe. See Khloe and Tristan were still together on his birthday in March. BUT if the personal trainer is telling the truth, that means Tristan had been cheating on Khloe since 2020!

Here's my opinion, if Tristan wants to change his ways and be able to have a healthy monogamous relationship...he's going to need to go to therapy to figure out why he feels like he always has to cheat.

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