Justine Skye Performs 'We' & 'Twisted Fantasy' For Black Music Month

Photo: iHeartRadio

June is Black Music Month, which celebrates African American music in the United States, as well as its influences in all musical genres. To highlight some of the artists who are taking over the hip hop and R&B scene, iHeartRadio teamed up with haircare brand Carol's Daughter for Black Music Month Sessions.

On Thursday (June 24), Justine Skye made an appearance on Black Music Month Sessions to perform 'Intruded,' 'We' and 'Twisted Fantasy', as well as chat with Angela Yee. Not only did Skye talk about her album Space & Time, which drops on Friday (June 25), she also shared how she stays strong in hard times and spilled all the details about her hair and beauty routine.

Skye and Yee kicked off their conversation by reflecting on the challenges of the past year, including the pandemic, the murder of George Floyd, and the ongoing fight against police brutality. Skye revealed that she manages to stay strong through "a lot of prayers" and "talking with my team, talking with my friends and family," adding that "just talking gets me through a lot."

Another way Skye is able to process challenges in her life is by "expressing herself" through her writing and music. "This whole project, my album, was made during this pandemic," Skye shared, explaining that "being creative" is a saving grace for her.

"I feel like this project really embodies who I am," Skye went to say of Space & Time. "One of my friends told me after listening to this album that every song is a different side of me, a different personality of mine. That's absolutely true. Once you listen to this, you'll really understand who Justine Skye is."

Skye also opened up about how her music influences her hair and beauty routine. While she rocked purple streaks in her hair for her Ultra Violet era, she's going for a more "monochromatic" look for the Space & Time era. Skye is also going for a more natural look this era, saying she tries "not to put so much heat" on her hair. "In this industry, you're consistently getting your hair done, but what I try to do is refrain from using so much heat," she continued. "If I do, I'll immediately wash my hair and put deep conditioners in it and keep it hydrated. That's extremely important. I feel like my hair can get really dry if I'm not taking care of it."

As she looks to the future and what's to come in her career, Skye says she wants to "just keeping getting better as an artist and as a human." She's also excited about "continuing to learn, strengthen my craft and take over."

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