Nude Homeless Man Breaks Into Home, Killing Family's Pets

(Photo by Joshua Rashaad McFadden/Getty Images)

Photo: Getty Images North America

What would you do if you found an intruder in your home? Well, one family just experienced a scary encounter with an intruder in their home.

ABC 7 reports the incident happened in Bel-Air when home surveillance video captured a homeless man by the name of Paul Kiyan breaking into the Bel Air home and also allegedly killing the family's pet birds.

Authorities say Kiyan got into the home through a garage door opener that was inside an unlocked car.

Video shows the man walking around the backyard and getting into the pool naked. As for the footage inside the home, it shows the man wearing what appears to be a towel as he's roaming the kitchen and living rooms.

Moments later, the homeowner of the home, Mat Sabz has a frightening face-to-face encounter with the homeless intruder.

It's quite scary if you ask us. So one thing's for sure, we have always make sure we lock our doors and private property at all times.

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