Unconscious Man's Life Saved By Apple Watch After Bad Car Accident


Photo: AFP

Talk about a major blessing!

According to the Instagram account Medical_Knowledge0, this anonymous man had a serious car accident. Fortunately, he was wearing an Apple Watch, which saved his life. As you know, an Apple Watch can measure vital body functions such as pressure, pulse and even falls.

When the man had the horrible accident, his watch sent an SOS call to rescue its owner with its location on the map and sent an alert message to his son.

The message read: "Your father had an accident and I called the ambulance and you because you are on his emergency lis."

The reports that that once the the man's son came to the scene, he found that an ambulance had taken his father to the emergency room after the Apple Watch gave the emergency notification.

What an incredible story. We continue to send our well wishes to the man and his family.

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