Family Says Their Missing Dog Was Wrongly Given To Another Family

Calm scene of a Black Dog obscured in shadow, with face slightly illuminated

Photo: Moment RF

A local family in Houston, Texas is absolutely devastated about their lost puppy being adopted by someone else.

The family claims to have lost their Maltese poodle on NYE 2019. They did everything in their power to find their baby. They even posted him missing on their microchip app.

According to the family, the rescue center that found him wiped his microchip clean and gave him to another family.

The family only noticed the new adoption because when they logged into the microchip app recently their dog was not attached to them anymore.

The family stated, "To our dismay, the Poodle Rescue of Houston confirmed they sold him to someone else way back in February 2020! As restitution, they begged us to take their offer of a ‘new puppy’ in return.”

The rescue told them that the new family is not willing to give their dog back.

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