High School Senior Who Wore Mexican Flag During Graduation Gets His Diploma

 (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

At last, the Asheboro High School senior who was denied his diploma for wearing a Mexican flag over his shoulders during his graduation ceremony got his diploma today.

Last week, a short video went viral where Ever Lopez was seen crossing the stage, holding the red, white and green flag over his graduation gown. As soon as Ever is seen walking toward the principal of the high school, he then gets told to remove the flag before walking off without his diploma.

The teen told the North Carilina's ABC News affiliate station that he wore the flag over his graduation gown to express pride in his racial and ethnic heritage.

As for the school district, they said: "The graduate picked up his diploma at Asheboro High School on Monday, June 7 following a press conference coordinated by [advocacy group] Siembra NC. As with all graduates, we wish him well and we will continue to serve our community in ways that help all young people meet their full potential."

After receiving his diploma, Ever Lopez says he is "grateful" that he got what he "deserve."

"I'm grateful that I got what I deserve," Lopez said after picking up the diploma.

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