Which Celebrities are BANNED from Saturday Night Live? Find Out Here.


Wow, I had no idea some celebrities are actually banned from the popular show!

First up....Adrian Brody!! It's because he decided to improvise and Lorne Michaels was not ok with it!

Also Frank Zappa and Elvis Costello and Cypress Hill because Dj Muggs smoked a joint on stage.

Steven Seagal apparently didn't have a good relationship with the show behind the scenes!

“He just wasn’t funny and he was very critical of the cast and the writing staff. He didn’t realize that you can’t tell somebody they’re stupid on Wednesday and expect them to continue writing for you on Saturday,” said Tim Meadows.

Rage against the Machine.

Rage Against the Machine was paired with Steve Forbes during their show in 1996. The band decided to take a stand against the billionaire and conservative presidential candidate by hanging an American flag upside-down on stage over their amp. A stagehand saw it and removed it right before their performance of “Bulls on Parade.” Producers told them to leave right after their set, and they didn’t even get to perform a second song.

Also banned Andy Kaufman and Robert Blake

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