Man Gives His Son Very Unusual Name


Samet Wahyudi of Indonesia loves his workplace so much that he has named his son after it. 

His 5-month-old boy's name is Statistical Information Communication Office.

Even before he got married, Wahyudi knew that he wanted to name him after the department he worked in as a civil servant if he ever had a son. He made that very clear to his fiancée before they got married, and she accepted his condition. 

Their first child was a girl, so Samet agreed on a more conventional name for her. 

Still, when his wife, Linda, gave birth to their second child, a boy, he knew what his name would be – Statistical Information Communication Office in December of last year.

Indonesian media reported on the child's unusual name earlier this month after checking the country's name registration database. 

Wahyudi told reporters that he got a job as a civil servant in Brebes in 2003. 

He has been working in the Statistical Information Communication Office ever since. 

This place has become like a second home for him, so he somehow wanted it connected to his son.

Samet's wife, Linda, accepted the bizarre name right away. 

Still, her parents had some objections that they eventually dropped after hearing about the parents' deal before they were married.

Link:Oddity Central

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