Young Boy Confronts His Neighbor Over Confederate Flag

(Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

A young boy educated his neighbor after he confronted him for the confederate flag he had in his porch.

TikTok user @thomasparis05 posted security camera footage from the conversation that took place outside of his house.

In the video, a boy on a bike rides up to the TikToker’s porch and points to the flag he has hanging up, asking the man "Can I ask you a question? Do you mind taking that flag down?"

"No," the man replies. The homeowner then decides to ask "Why?" and the boy explains, "because no one in the neighborhood likes it."

"It's an American flag," the man insists, but the boy adds, "it's actually a racist flag." "It's not a racist flag," the man says back. "Yeah it is," this kid tells him, "I'm not st*pid."

Now, due to how social media works, they video is longer available. Needless to say, the video incident caused quite the commotion.

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