Saweetie Says Quavo Taught Her How To Love

Saweetie and Quavo have been together for two years, and she credits him for teaching her how to love. 

"When it comes to opposites attract, he's such an affectionate person and I'm not. But it's because of my upbringing. I never saw my parents together…I wasn't taught that and I didn't see that growing up. He teaches me how to love," The "Best Friend" rapper said during a Black Is Love panel hosted by Facebook Dating this week.

"We couldn't have been two people together who didn't know how to express or show love, otherwise it wouldn't have worked."

The Icy Queen continued, "Especially when it comes to how to love, he’s taught me how to love. The roles are reversed because he’s the man and I’m the woman but I have two really tough parents, not really expressive. So I have communication issues, a lot of pride when it came to expression."

Check out the full interview below:

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