Pasadena Won't Shut Down Outdoor Dinning Despite New LA Restrictions.

As you might have heard outdoor dinning in Los Angeles has to shut down for a few weeks to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

A lot of people have a lot of issues with this because obviously this was helping keeping a lot of places going. Sadly our numbers are very bad. Hopefully these businesses will still be able to stay open doing take out!

Anyways, turns out one place in LA that won't be following the rules is Pasadena. Outdoor dinning will continue. Why you might ask? Turns out Pasadena is one of two cities in LA county that has it's own health department and essentially makes it's own health orders.

They city said they will be working closely with their hospital and if the numbers in the hospital get to a certain point they will consider shutting down outdoor dinning. But at the moment they're keeping it open!

I feel bad for the people who are waiters and waitresses that need this job but also want to stay safe, it must be a rough position to be in.

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