Bow Wow Gives A List of Steps Of How To Become A "Thottreprerneur"

2015 American Music Awards Pre-Party With Coca-Cola

Bow Wow is out here trying to give some advice...or is he really?! I feel like this was a bit of a diss but at the same time, I find the list hilarious.

A lot of people were saying he was pretty spot on.

Here is the list according to Bow Wow

  1. Become a stripper
  2. Gain Popularity
  3. Then decide to do music. Rap/Sing
  4. Host some Parties
  5. Mess around with a few popular social media lames and maybe a few celebs
  6. Post all your designer show off your bustdown that you aint pay for
  7. Add "For booking" in your bio


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