Doctor Bought Magic Lamp With Wish-Granting Genie For Over $90K, No Genie


Who was at fault here? Lol

Do you believe in the magic of genies? 

One doctor did, and that's why he paid over $90,000 to buy "Aladdin's Lamp," which he was promised would bring him good health, wealth, and fortune.

It turns out, and the Lamp didn't live up to Dr. Laeek Khan's expectations.

It all started after Dr. Khan had done surgery on a woman in 2018 and began making house calls for post-surgery. During his house calls, he met two men who lived in the home as well.

They started telling the doctor about "Aladdin's Lamp" and the magic behind it. They even dressed up as a "genie" to trick the doctor. 

When the doctor asked to touch the genie or take home the lamp, they said it was harmful to his health.

After buying the Lamp for over $90,000, Dr. Khan realized it didn't work, and it was one of the men dressed in a disguise to fool him!

Both men have been arrested, but the woman is currently on the run, according to reports.

More details in the article below:

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