Pole-Dancing Skeletons Must Be Removed, After Complaints Filed

Halloween Decorations Begin Going Up

Maybe creating an adult strip club with skeleton strippers in front of your house isn't the best idea. But then again, it could be a great one.

One woman from Richmond, Texas, is under fire with her homeowner's association for her inappropriate Halloween decorations!

Angela Nava wanted to bring more happiness and smiles to people this year, especially with it being such a hard one.

She decided to create an "adult club" with pole-dancing skeletons, and it's amazing.

She changes up the skeleton positions every night, and there's the music they dance to for an hour a night.

The HOA filed a complaint against her skeletons, calling them "inappropriate," and gave her 30 days to remove the decor. It's unclear what will happen after the 30 days, but Angela doesn't plan on removing it.

Watch below for more:

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