Did This Neighbor Take His Horrifying Halloween Decorations Too Far?

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

When it comes to Halloween decorations some people make it cute, some use music to make it fun and others just want to scare the crap out of their neighbors! Steven Novak decided to create a horrifying scene at his house for Halloween, it's so scary that the cops were actually called!

Steven set up a scene where you see a man who's been killed by a chainsaw, another killed by a safe dropped on his head, one more with a knife to the skull and a wheelbarrow full of severed limbs!!! EEEWWWW

Apparently Steven used 20 gallons of fake blood to create the scary scene. Cops have been called out to the house multiple times. Steven says he's been home twice when the cops come by and they just have to make sure everything is ok and actually the cops think it's pretty cool!

The only REAL problem Steven has is that he says if it rains, it washes away the blood and he has to add more the next day!

What do you think of the decorations?

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