Woman Complaining Over Black Lives Matter Sign Gets Hosed


A Texas man had a Black Lives Matter sign on his loan when a random lady came over and complained about it. She started yelling saying she wanted the sign taken down so the man handled the situation the best way he could and hosed the woman down with a water hose.

According to Daily Mail, the incident took place in Oak Hill, a small city in Austin, Texas. The woman was in her car when she spotted the BLM sign in a yard so she stopped and argued about it while screaming "white lives matter."

Near by neighbors filmed the moment when both people went at it. During the clip, which has now gone viral. The video shows the woman trying to grab the water hose from the man before she falls to the ground twice.

In my opinion, the situation itself is bizarre because a complete stranger complained over a sign that had nothing to do with her.

What do you think? Check out the video below and let us know.


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