Famous Instagram Model Admits To Sleeping with Underaged Rapper NLE Choppa.

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This is a HUGE doubled standard!! So Celina Powell, who's known for being on Instagram often drops major tea during interviews. She's also slept with a LOT of people. Recently in an interview with HollywoodUnlocked she revealed that she slept with NLE Choppa, the problem is, he's only 17!

In the interview she says she accidentally messed that one up, but she also doesn't care. And she doesn't care that he has a girlfriend! This girl is a piece of work!

Warning - the interview contains explicit language!

Now here's the thing, if this was a guy, and he was famous whether it was a rapper, athlete or actor...he would be getting DRAGGGGGGGED Right now! And rightfully so. I don't think it's fair that she won't get the same treatment because she's a woman.

Obviously NLE Choppa won't press charges but it just doesn't feel right to me!

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