Couple Who Thought They Were Buying a Kitten Ended Up w/ A Tiger!


We've all been there, we order something, it arrives and we say..."Well that's not what I ordered!"

That's exactly happened with a French couple who thought they were ordering a special kitten mixed with an exotic African serval and a domesticated feline (which is legal to have in France) BUT ended up with a tiger cub!

The couple almost paid 7k for the cat! Apparently the couple were in shock when it came and realized that they were sent a Sumatran tiger which is actually endangered with only about 400 left in the world! The couple went to the authorities and after that nine people were arrested in connection to the tiger. Sadly the couple were arrested as well, but were let go.

WOW!!!! Can you imagine thinking you're going to get a cat and instead you get a TIGER!!!

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