Jonathan Price Who Was Killed By Police Was Only Trying to Shake His Hand

A man named Jonathan Price, shot dead by a Texas police officer, was only trying to shake the officer's hand, body cam footage has revealed. 

The footage's content was unveiled Thursday, shortly before the Wolfe City Police Department announced 22-year-old Officer Shaun Lucas had been fired. 

Lucas' termination comes five days after he's accused of shooting 31-year-old Jonathan Price -- and three days after he was charged with murder. 

The incident occurred Saturday after Lucas responded to a gas station where a man and a woman were arguing. 

Price, who didn't know the couple, was trying to intervene when Lucas arrived, according to police. "Price came very close to Officer Lucas, asking, 'You doing good?' multiple times while extending his hand in a handshake gesture," according to a probable cause affidavit culled from Price's bodycam footage. 

Lucas attempted to arrest Price and tased him in the ensuing struggle. That's when "Price appeared to reach out and grab the end of Officer Lucas' Taser," the affidavit reads. "Officer Lucas deployed his firearm four times, striking Price in the upper torso."

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