A Groom Left His Fiancé at the Alter & Blamed It On A Late Uber!


Well this is the first time I've heard a story like this! Sasha Aristide had dated Kevin Hyppolite for ten years and on their big day he left her at the alter!

Sasha recently told her story and said she should have known something was up when her Florist called her on the day of her wedding and said the venue was not allowing them to drop off the flowers!

That's when she called Kevin and he told her he was running late. She didn't think it would be a problem since the wedding was still hours away!

She said he blamed it on his Uber!

“To the last minute, he said he was coming, he told me he was on his way,” Sasha said. “He kept lying the whole time.”

But then hours later she realized he was not going to show up.

“I had no intention of getting back with him,” Aristide said. “Anyone who would do that to you definitely does not love you or care about you. I cut off all connections with him.”

So what did Kevin have to say for himself?

“It wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t planned, it just happened that way." But tried to leave the door open if Sasha wanted to repair the relationship, she DOES NOT!!!

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