Why Did Kylie Jenner's Recent Bikini Pic Do A Lot Of Good For The Country?

REVOLVE Desert House - Day 2

We gotta give it up to Kylie Jenner! So a lot of celebrities have been using their platforms to get people to register and to vote!

Well Kylie Jenner is doing just that, but decided to take a different approach, instead of wearing a VOTE T-Shirt or writing VOTE on her hand like Big Sean did - she wore a bikini and sat outside and posed!

She looks AMAZING - but if you asked me if this was a picture promoting Voting I’d say NO!!! But it was - her caption was “But are you registered to vote? click the link in bio”

Get this, 48,000 people apparently registered to vote after her post went up! Vote.org reportedly experienced a 1500% traffic boost from Instagram. It also resulted in an 80% total increase in voter registration, with 48,000 people registering after being referred by Jenner.

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