Michael Vick Working to Clear Way for Ex-Felons in Florida to Vote

Back in 2011, Michael Vick went to vote in Florida and found out he couldn't.

That's because he had a felony on his record.

He addressed the process he had to undergo to be able to vote in the documentary miniseries. More Than A Vote.

More Than A Vote is the organization headed up by LeBron James to get people registered to vote and to make polling places more accessible.

Having gone through the process, Michael Vick is working with More Than A Vote in the state of Florida to help ex-felons get their voting rights back by the October 5th deadline.

In Florida, even after you have gone through the process to get yourself reinstated to vote, if you have any outstanding debts your right to vote will be denied. Celebrities, athletes and the former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg have all teamed up to help former felons pay down their debt.

Michael Bloomberg donated $16 million of the needed $25 million in order for former felons to register to vote before the deadline.

If someone was convicted of murder or a felony sexual offense they can not have their right to vote reinstated.

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