How Did Kendrick Lamar React To Big Sean's Track "Deep Reverence"??

Well recently Big Sean shared a story that Kendrick hit him up after he heard the song. Big Sean said

“Even when he heard ‘Deep Reverence,’ he hit me and was like ‘Yo, I appreciate you showing that love. I appreciate that love in the verse. You and Nip went crazy. Y’all gassed on it.'”

Also apparently it was Punch who told Sean he should hit up Kendrick while they were on a private plane.

“The situation was, he thought that people around him were telling him something, people around me were telling me something, and it just really wasn’t the case,” said Sean. “So, when we were able to talk, it was a good reconciliation and it was a good mutual respect.”

Sean also realized at one point he had Kendrick's old number. Oops

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