Kendrick Lamar Spotted Filming Music Video! Details Here!

2017 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

I knew Kendrick had to be up to something!! Obviously we’ve been on Kendrick watch for awhile now! Earlier this year there was talks of him finishing up a new album!

Then in May TDE’s Top Dawg confirmed in a social media post that Kendrick Lamar will return to music. "Stay patient king Kendrick will return soon," the record label's head honcho wrote in a comment on an Instagram Live.

He was also set to headline a bunch of festivals this year - so it really makes us feel like he has something coming!

Well the other day he was spotted out in LA Filming something! Kendrick was seen talking on a pay phone while sitting on a plastic crate, wearing tan shorts and a clean pair of black Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Obviously this got a lot of people excited, but lets be real, Kendrick could very well be filming something for someone else!

Or maybe he wasn’t even filming a music video!

I will say this though - he wasn’t just chilling because he was at a phone booth and lets be honest, how many of those do you still see!

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