Ed Sheeran Opens Up About Anxiety & Addiction! Full Story Here!

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In a new interview Ed Sheeran opens up about having an addictive personality!

“I have a very addictive personality. Very, very addictive personality,” - He revealed that he noticed his personality more when he was reading Elton John's book!

“I’m reading Elton John’s book at the moment and there are so many things that he did that I do.”

He goes on to talk about how that addiction could be with a lot of different things like food and alcohol

“He would be like, ‘I would just go on an ice cream binge and eat four f***ing desserts until I throw it up’, and I was like, ‘I’ve done that before’. Or his martini binges, where he sees how many he can drink. And I’m like, ‘I’ve done that before too’. He ends up getting really f***ing sad and depressed and all of these things can can add to that.”

“I’m covered in tattoos and I kind of don’t do things by halves so if I’m gonna drink, I see no point in having a glass of wine. I’d rather have two bottles,”

But he revealed that he's learned to handle his addictive personality with moderation!

“I think things like sugar, sweet stuff, junk food, cocaine, alcohol, it feels good the more you do, but it’s the worst thing for you, I think,” he says. “I think with addiction, it’s just very hard to moderate, but moderation is the key.”

“Having a glass of wine is having something in moderation and probably isn’t going to affect your day the next day. But two bottles of wine probably might make you quite sad.”

In the interview he also revealed that he has suffered from panic attacks and his addiction was harder to deal with while he's on tour.

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