Matt Barnes Shares Taco Recipe, Fatherhood, Kobe, Black&Brown Unity + More

On this episode of Cookin' It With Ayydé is joined by Matt Barnes, sharing a special chicken taco recipe passed down by his precious mother. Recipe is found at the bottom of this description. Matt also shares a chicken shredding hack that will change your world (it did for me) no more burning your fingertips or spending a long time shredding that poultry.

Matt opens up about fatherhood and his twins dedicating their basketball work ethic and chasing a championship in honor of Kobe Bryant. During the conversation Matt answers what he was thinking the day when he fake pass the ball in front of a non-flinching Kobe Bryant. That moment actually led to Matt Barnes receiving a call from Kobe himself, asking Matt if he wanted to join the Lakers. From competing against each other to becoming more than teammates, without a doubt a brotherhood was formed that will last a lifetime.

From the NBA to life after it, Matt Barnes talks about the social injustice unrest our country is in and discusses ways in which organizations like the NBA can do more to continue and support communities more effectively. During this discussion Ayydé and Matt talk about the importance of unity between Black and Brown communities, and the importance of voting, especially at the local levels. Watch the interview and enjoy the delicious chicken tacos! Thank you for watching.

Matt Barnes special chicken taco recipe passed down by his precious mother:

Boneless chicken breast (x4)

Chicken bullion cubes

Fajita packet mix (Lawry's)

1/2 yellow onion

Salt /Pepper

White corn tortillas

Sliced American, or shredded cheddar cheese



Sour cream

Hot sauce


Cooking oil

Grated Parmesan cheese

Boil chicken breast (30mins) with Sliced onion 2 chicken bullion cubes Salt/pepper

Drain, save 1 cup broth (add) fajita mix to saved broth

Use mixer to shred chicken, add broth mixture (simmer 10mins)

Heat griddle on high

Add oil to griddle Fry tortillas/ add meat and jack cheese

Fry hard

Dip in Parmesan after use toppings you desire and enjoy!

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