Pool Party Requires On-Site COVID-19 Tests Before Guest Entry

Would you go to a pool party during the pandemic? Probably not, right?

But would you go to a pool party during the pandemic if they required Covid tests before entering? Changes the game up, right?

There’s a rooftop Hotel in New York that’s open but it requires COVID-19 testing before entry.

Once you get to the hotel it’s a 20-minute process that includes taking your temperature, paper-work, and then finally the test. The test results take 7 mins, interesting, and if you test negative, you can go in. It’s kinda like going to a doctor’s office really.

Right now they’re only allowed to operate with 50% capacity.

Groups planning to hang out closer than 6 feet apart arrive together.

You do have to pay for the test, $35 with insurance and $50 without it.

More details and how to book here.

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