What Is "Caspering"?? Find Out What This New Dating Term Means!

Most of us have heard the dating term "Ghosting" - "The practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication."

Well now it looks like there is another dating term that is kind of like "Ghosting" but slightly different and a bit nicer! It's called "Caspering" - so what does it mean?

Apparently it's like Ghosting but the person who's doing the ghosting, does it in a friendly way! So instead of ignoring your calls, they'll respond 12 hours later and their response will be vague but friendly!

As HelloGiggles describes, Caspering is basically a cute word for leading someone on because you're, ironically, scared of being the bad guy who ghosts. Ironically, because by trying to avoid acting like an asshole, you're making life so much more difficult for everyone involved. There is nothing friendly about Caspering.

Can people just be up front about what they want and don't want! Not being honest just wastes time!

Apparently its when you ghost someone - but in a friendly way! So instead of competl

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