Dramatic Video Shows Roofer Catching Kids Dropped From Burning Building

A New Mexico roofer is being hailed as a hero after he caught two young children who were trapped in a burning building. Mason Fierro was working on putting a roof on a building in an apartment complex when a fire broke out next door.

Fierro and the other constructions workers heard a man screaming and rushed over to help.

"We heard the father scream -- like a scream we have never heard before. When we heard that, we ran over as soon as possible," Fierro told CNN.

Fierro ran to the building and saw the man dangling his two-month-old baby girl out his second-story window. Fierro knew he had to act quick and told the man to drop the young girl and promised he would catch her.

"He dropped her. I caught her," Fierro said. "There was no doubt in mind that I would catch her."

After Fierro caught the young girl, the man brought his son, who was about three years old and dropped him out of the window into Fierro's arms.

Once the kids were safe, Fierro and the other constructions workers began banging on doors trying to get other residents out of the burning building.

Officials say that three people were injured in the fire and had to be taken to the hospital. The two children were taken to the hospital by their family, while a third person was treated for smoke inhalation. All three people are listed in stable condition.

Lt. Tom Ruiz, a spokesman for the Albuquerque Fire Rescue, praised the quick-thinking actions of the construction crew.

"Those kids are alive because of what those construction workers did quickly and concisely," Ruiz told CNN.